Making a positive difference in Cross Gates and District.

“I didn’t have many friends after I came back to Leeds after a 42 year absence. Good Neighbours’ has been a real Godsend to me, I have made lots of friends here. Most definitely there is always someone to talk to and plan an activity together.”

“I certainly felt isolated at times and overloaded with problems. Attending the Luncheon Group has considerably increased my social circle and friends, and introduced me also to new technology & support through the IT Yecco project which was most helpful when I had to go to hospital.”

“I felt very lonely before… Attending the group has made all the difference to me.”

“After my wife died, and then the cat as well. Certainly the people here are now my family and I could not wish for a better one. I feel alive again.”

“Everyone is welcomed at Cross Gates Good Neighbours. It does not matter if you can hear, see, walk or even if you can not remember or where you come from.  Everyone gets a warm welcome and is looked after.  I come to Good Neighbours Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  What would we do without Good Neighbours.  To say thank you never seems enough.”
Maureen Burroughs

“Mum has made some lovely friends and really enjoys the time she spends here, doing things she normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to do at home. When you were closed for the 10 days in May I saw a real decline in mum’s mood and state of mind and she couldn’t wait to get back.

“It’s a real comfort for me, as her carer, to know mum is able to come and take part in activities with friends and this has really helped to give her a more positive outlook on life. Thank you and the volunteer team for all your help and support. It has made a real difference for both me and mum.”