What to do

 By Raymond Tennant – a member of our creative writing group.

You’re now retired, or at home with time on your hands.  Now, you’re free to do as you please.

I have personal experience of Cross Gates and District Good Neighbours’ Scheme CIO where I developed a liking for strumming a ukulele and singing popular songs along with a number of like-minded men and women, most of whom were much better than me. No problem as far as I was concerned.

Someone had to make the rest of the group look good and I did that job magnificently whilst having such a happy time, and nobody laughed at my lack of talent.

Creative Writing

Another class that gave me joy was creative writing. I had never done any writing since leaving school about 70 years ago. I really surprised myself and looked forward to attending the class every week. I also enjoyed the stories written by the other class members.

But enough about me and my less than glittering career!  Each one of us has to decide on something which can stimulate our interest. At Cross Gates and District Good Neighbours’ Scheme CIO, you will be surrounded by people like yourself in a friendly, warm and sociable atmosphere.

I’m sure you’ll find something to improve and brighten your life. There is every chance that you will develop such an interest that you can’t wait for the class the following week.

If it stimulates your interest then try it – even if it’s something new. Surprise yourself.

Go on, get in touch now!

A poem by Raymond

“I’ve turned 85 and I’m still alive,

Still stood standing and able to think

It seems just last year that I’d reached 79,

When you’re old, time goes by in a blink.


A genius once said that time almost stands still

When we move near the speed of light,

So I’ll jump on my bike and pedal like hell,

And hope Mr Einstein was right.


The funny thing is, inside I’m still young,

And my brain isn’t worn in the least,

My heart and liver and lungs are alright,

It’s just that my wrapping is creased.


I’m hoping to take much more exercise soon,

Just as soon as I get my new hip.

Though I am really dreading the size of the job,

Hope the surgeon doesn’t ask for a tip.


I decided last year to start playing the uke,

But it’s proving a little too tough.

I’m determined to master it ‘fore I peg out,

One more lifetime should be long enough.”