Our Intergenerational Project

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By Ellie Dawson

The new intergenerational project funded by Time to Shine, focuses on different generations learning from each other. Giving our digital inclusion coordinator, Sam, a new focus.

College students Ayesha, Rennah, Maryam, Joe, and university student Casey, got together last week to start the six-week programme. Using their spare time this summer holiday to make a difference.

Intergenerational class hard at work
The programme aims for students and members to learn from one another.

The programme is designed for the students to teach older people how to use technology. The students will be paired with one of our members each for one on one sessions.

Some of our volunteers – Brian, Rob and Chris joined them for the induction. Together they discussed teaching techniques, the advantages and disadvantages of being online, and potential barriers/worries people may face.

The pre-lesson, lesson

In the induction, Sam talked through some techniques she uses with members who are beginners.

The students had a go on the iPads with their paired volunteer, they were talked through a word game, which helps members get used to using a touch screen. As Sam says this is something that can be a problem before any teaching can begin.

Sam teaching the class
Sam discussed techniques she uses when teaching members the basics.

“It’s really important to build their confidence before they even really start using anything, some can be really unsure and nervous.

“But I always say the only way to learn is to make mistakes in the beginning.”

Members of the class each contributed important attributes as a teacher: patience, explanation, tailoring, reassurance, practice, and as Brian rightly pointed out – humour.

We look forward to seeing what our students and members can learn from eachother in the coming weeks.